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Makassar: 5 went home, 5 left in Isolation Space

On Friday, 21-11-2008

Today Mayor Discussed Bird Flu in RS Wahidin

MAKASSAR, BKM -- the RS Wahidin Sudirohusodo Side had finally accepted results of the research of the Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Kesehatan Laboratory (Litbangkes) Jakarta against the sample of blood and the bribe 17 patients suspect bird flu. All of them were stated by the virus negative H5N1.

Referred in the results, the hospital side finally permitted came home five patients, on Thursday (20/11). While five other people were also recommended to leave isolation space. Now two new patients, namely Ikbal (6) and Karmila (3) still was isolated in ferns space. Both of them were taken the sample of blood and his bribe, furthermore was sent to Litbangkes to be checked. Especially for 17 patients who entered beforehand, has had results of his lab. All of them were stated by the negative.

Five people were permitted to come home, five other left isolation space, explained Dr Khalik Saleh, Koordinator the Control and the Prevention of Bird Flu of RSUP Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo that was contacted yesterday afternoon.

In the meantime, Health Minister Dr Fadillah Supari that it was reported will visit to RS Wahidin saw directly the condition for the patient suspect bird flu, till the afternoon yesterday never came. Information in RS Wahidin mentioned, Menkes and the party failed came because of having the other task that was more important in Jakarta. BKM observation in the ferns building, yesterday, was seen by the physical condition for all the patients has begun to improve. There was not again the patient that diinfus.

They was not in the place of his maintenance was their respective. The patient that most children were seen playing in front of the foyer of the ferns building. Wanted sekalimaki came home, but was not yet permitted to be the same the doctor.

Therefore we still here, said Rizal, one of the patients. Following the resident's increase Sudiang that became the patient suspect bird flu, the Sub-district Head Biringkanaya, M. Yasir gave special attention of this territory. He also the routine carried out the monitoring in the endemic area of the bird flu.

Like that the implementation, on Thursday (20/11). Yasir was seen came to meet his resident. He ask for so that all the resident Biringkanaya, especially that settled in Sudiang to preceptive and increased his vigilance towards the spreading of the virus H5N1. Moreover they were also asked to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

If having the chicken that died suddenly, immediately reported to RT or RW. Kalau necessary to the village head's office and the community health centre, he added. Mayor Makassar, A Herry Iskandar his plan will spread out the meeting in RS Wahidin today, on Friday (21/11). This meeting in order to discusses the handling of bird flu and other infectious diseases.

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