Friday, November 21, 2008

The Positive Poultry AI in Lampung 22,990 tails

Banda Lampung

The Number Of poultries in Lampung that was infected by bird flu (Avian Influenza) in 2008 reached 22,990 tails. The most case happened in the Regency Lampung Timur totalling 10,548 tails. Now di Lampung Middle 143 tails, Tanggamus 371 tails, Metro 7458, Tulang Bawang 993 tails, Lampung South 2424 tails, Banda Lampung 416 tails, Lampung West 131 tails, Lampung North 717 tails, Way Kanan 429 tails and Pesawaran 102 tails. This Data was assembled by the Peternakan Service and the Health of the Animal of Provinsi Lampung to the end of October 2008.

The Co-ordinator Local Disease Control Center, drh.Anwar Fuadi, in the agenda Training the Strengthening of the Media, on Friday (21/11), in the villa Hotel of Branti Lampung South said, Lampung was infected by bird flu since September 2003. Arise in subdistrict Lampung Timur dan Tulang Bawang. Up till now this 243 village, in 104 sub-district throughout Lampung, already contaminated virus to deaden mentioned, he said. “The source of the plague and the risk factor of the spreading of this virus that is the traditional market . Hampir 80 percent of the poultry was there infected, although not yet dying. The other cause, that is the existence of the water poultry and the maintenance system that were not penned .”

To begin September 2006, Health Service formed the unit PDSR LDCC in 11 districts/municipality. This team was assigned monitored the case of the death of the poultry and immediately followed up him. “Jadi they descended active to the field. Only was not waiting for the report from the community. The team immediately could detect fast, if having the poultry in large quantities that died suddenly, including did a test,” Anwar's words. Unggas was stated positive, if being accompanied by the special AI sign, the pathology deviation headed to AI and results of the fast test showed positive AI, he said.

In 2009, Disnakeswan aim at to lower jumlah flu birds to the poultry and zero cases to humankind. The main activity was carried out through communication , information and the education. “Role of the community was very important, because his problem was in their circle . Example him the habit not memvaksin, did not pen the poultry and sold the chicken sakit,” he said. Saat Ini Disnakeswan had the volunteer almost throughout the regency/the city. Mereka came from the Muhammadiyah organisation, PMII, LKB dan masyarakat other. “Relawan was assigned to report the case of the death of the sudden chicken in his territory to the team PDSR. they could send through SMS. in time the official's 1 x 24 hour will come.

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