Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Egypt-The detention of 24 cases in the West, Dakahlia and Qena suspicion b «avian flu

2-6 / 2009
Detained in hospitals diets Dakahliya and Qena, yesterday, 12 suspected cases with symptoms similar to bird flu.

Dakahliya detained in hospital in Egypt, Mr. Sadr, Mr. Sami exclusive two and a half years, and his brother «Mohammed» 5 years of Kafr Miqdaam, Mohamed Mahmoud Fikri, 30, Mazen Mohamed Zaki, a year and a half, Mr. Mohammed, Mr. 9 months Ghamr and Mr. Mohamed brace, two from the village in the table Sherbin and Karim Abdul-Aziz Mohammed Abdul Aziz, the Arabs of KFOR, Center Line, has been sampling them to make sure they fall ill or not.

The doctors at the hospital out 28 other case, yesterday, after the result Ainathm negative.

In the West held hospitals Tanta fevers and Mahala 12 new cases of suspected infected with avian influenza, including the case of a child of eight months, the symptoms of the disease have emerged in cases of high temperature and lack of bone pain, respiratory, blood samples were taken and the melancholy hours of the cases and sent to labs central Ministry of Health indicate the extent illness or not, and give them the drug Tamiflu, their status within the reservation of rooms prepared for such situations.

Said Dr. Essam Othman, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Directorate of Health meeting Sunday attended.

. In Qena Qena held hospital fevers Mr. Ismail Hassan, 45 years from the village of Obnod Center Agaft and Sons Abdul Rahman, 20 years and Rim, 22 years and 10 years and Samar Ahmed 8 years, indicating the presence of birds in their home.
In South Sinai, the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine removed the straw 67 for the breeding of poultry in the district in Sharm el-Sheikh Alruyat culled 163 birds.
Said Dr. Sami Abdul Hamid, Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in South Sinai, had been training for all veterinarians in the county to Alhakny quick test to detect the disease at the veterinary units without the need to send samples to the central laboratory in Cairo.

In Damietta organized the High Commission for fight against bird flu a number of campaigns on the cities of Kafr Saad and Varschor estate and Zarqa and the tower and the top of the mainland resulted in the seizure and execution of 2237 and the removal of 57 birds shanty home.

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