Monday, June 1, 2009

Egypt-53 detained in 5 provinces of suspected bird flu


Mansoura Chest Hospital was held yesterday, 30 cases of suspected avian influenza infection, including 12 cases of the Center for Ghamr and 5 cases of Sherbin - the centers that have emerged out of the positive cases - in addition to the cases of caste, and Nbroh Belkas and dead Slsell as well as two other cases are Wael Mustafa Ali Al «two and a half» of the West, and Waseem Ahmed Mahmoud Fikri «6 years» of Damietta.

The village still Dmoh Center Dekerness in a state of terror after the proclamation of the Ministry of Health in the emergence of the disease, the incidence of 77 to a girl from the village called Ms. Mahmoud Justice «a year and a half».

The samples and testing conducted by the Health Directorate of the girl child and the family of free people of the village of contacts with the disease.

The gathering of about 200 poultry farmers to maintain the first night in front of the Directorate of Agriculture, to protest the decision to ban the transport of live birds between the provinces and the closure of all shops selling Qaibdhm the loss of millions of pounds, they said.

In the lake, Dr. Yosri Congratulations, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health, Committee on the detention of the child Mohammed Salim Bilal «two» on suspicion of being infected with the disease, and the transfer of the girl child, Pasant Hani Shaker «10 years», and the roar of Ayman al-Faraj «21 years» admitted to hospital in Alexandria.

In Qena, fever hospital, the Princess held Moktan peace «17 years» on suspicion of being infected with the disease have been sampled by the Directorate of Health Rawash were sent to labs central Ministry of Health, were seized 5 vendors vendors, live birds of the 800 executions and the removal of 6 birds nest.

In the East, was arrested Zagazig hospital admitted yesterday the names of Mahmoud Hussein «24 years», after the emergence of symptoms of the disease, and was discharged Mr. Marwa Ragab Ahmed Abdou after receiving treatment.

In Alexandria, 15 shops have been seized and 13 Vrcha for the sale of live birds without a license, 532 birds were culled, and the transfer of 30 birds to the dealer after the Public Prosecutor Pfs their seals to close their shops and re-opened and the removal of 400 breeding birds straw home.

In Sohag, said Dr. Abu al-Zahra, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, had been shut down 11 unlicensed farm poultry centers established in Alasirat.

In Qaliubiya, 6 vehicles were seized birds come from the transfer of the eastern provinces of Qlliopip and loaded with thousands of 9 without a permit from the safety of poultry veterinary medicine, and cars were confiscated and poultry in it and the drivers were arrested and six were referred to the Attorney-General, which took over the investigation.

And Dr. Mohamed Tarek Hussein, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, a number of Egyptian researchers and doctors involved in a project to produce medical vaccines and vaccines for the virus that cause different types of influenza, particularly avian and swine.

He said - during the course of opening the North and South Poles Library of Alexandria - The project of producing the vaccine lasts for between one and two years with the participation of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the National Center for Research and the Center for the vaccine and the vaccine.

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