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Egypt-Health announces the incidence of 78 .. flu and warned of the indiscriminate use of Tamiflu

Health announces the incidence of 78 .. flu and warned of the indiscriminate use of Tamiflu

CAIRO - Editor Masrawy - The Ministry of Health on Monday night, 78 the incidence of disease, bird flu and warned against the indiscriminate use of Tamiflu.

Said the spokesman, Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahin, official spokesman of the ministry that the new infections in a girl named Zainab Hilal Mahmoud (4 years) of the province of Kafr el-Sheikh al-Sheikh.

He added that the onset of symptoms was on the girl child on Saturday, entered the hospital on their impact on fevers of Kafr el-Sheikh, has been suffering from fever and was nominated after exposure to birds suspected of being infected with bird flu, he said, adding that once suspected of being infected with the disease were given the drug Tamiflu, a stable and satisfactory condition, which is currently under conversion Tamiflu drug to a hospital.

The Health Department warned people again to buy Tamiflu, the drug treatment of avian and swine influenza from any pharmacy or any public institution sells the property, as it is traded and cashed only by the Ministry of Health hospitals and after examining the patient and diagnosed with HIV, according to the recommendations of WHO World.

In the case of the use of property without making sure of the injury can happen to the drug resistance of the virus at the time of the actual injury.

Pharmacists also warned the ministry of the circulation of the drug Tamiflu, or purchase from any point in that it prohibits trading in pharmacies in accordance with Article 59 of the Code of practicing the profession of pharmacy.

Also held on Sunday 39 cases between the ages of 4 months to 75 years for suspected bird flu patients nationwide, Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Menya, Sohag, Suez, Damietta, Qaliubiya and Eastern and Western Dakahlia, Kafr El-Sheikh and Helwan.

And Dr. Abdul Rahman Shaheen was to take samples from these cases for analysis and to ensure free from injury or disease.

It is noteworthy that the total of suspected cases of bird flu since the disease in Egypt in 2006 and 8285 until Sunday, suspected case confirmed 78 cases of whom 27 died and 46 recovered, and there are 5 cases in hospitals for treatment.

At the same time, the quarantine authorities have detained a month at the age of 26 years after the hospital admitted Abbasiyah suspected illness of a swine flu, bringing the total cases, which was seized on suspicion of being infected with the disease to 109 cases of laboratory test results were negative for infection, "HP 1 The 1" l 108 case of the latter case under the lab test.

Sahin said that Egypt is still free of swine flu, noting that the hotline received 557 phone yesterday between queries and reports, bringing the total since the first communication of May and until yesterday to call 55092, with a corresponding 26,434 passengers were on board the 158 aircraft and 11 vessels from Sunday from the affected countries, all outlets quarantine at the level of the Republic and the number of Mnazerthm was one of the first of May until yesterday to 510,045 people.

The ports for the strengthening of quarantine inspection cameras, a thermal cameras and sophisticated in that they allow the rapid detection of a group of passengers in the minutes are distributed to the Cairo airport cameras 7 and 2 international airport of Sharm el-Sheikh airport and 2 cruise in Alexandria and one camera in each of the port of Nuweiba and Taba Airport air and land port of Taba and Alexandria Port Alexandria.

He has been monitoring the work of health cards for all arrivals from the States to follow up in the affected places of residence in Egypt, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and tourism.

At the global level, the number of countries that the disease has spread to 53 countries confirmed cases of 15510 of them died 85 and 11 in Mexico in the United States and two in Canada and one in Costa Rica, bringing the total to 99 cases of death due to the case of the virus.

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