Monday, October 10, 2011

Buy Chicken for Macaru''''

This story says the chickens were bought at a market or maybe a different market, for a holiday.
No mention of a neighbors chickens dying

Buy Chicken for Macaru''''
October 11, 2011 | BP

Hamlet Antugan, Jehem, Bangli, Monday (10/10) yesterday, suddenly visited by many officials in Bangli. This visit pascameninggalkan two local residents because of bird flu. Second victim of bird flu that is I Wayan brothers Aldiawan (10) Ni Kadek Ariani Rini (5).

On Monday the couple's home Wayan Sudana - Ni Wayan Purnami was deserted. The whole family was in Sanglah Hospital. The house was guarded only I Wayan More, the grandfather of the victim.

According to More, this catastrophe began when his family was about to solemnize macaru overseas colors. The family bought chickens in the market. But when he got home the chicken is dead. Not long after his birds also died suddenly. Not long after her grandson experienced high heat, so it directly referred to the Hospital of Bangli, proceed to Sanglah Hospital.

Associated with the event, Head Tembuku A.A. Ari star Sutari, Monday, the victim went to the house. The goal is to mediate with the local indigenous leaders. Because rumors funeral bodies can not be done, because in that place was held religious ceremonies.

Meanwhile, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Bangli Kadis Ir. A.A. Ngurah Samba said had been spraying around with a radius of one kilometer from the scene. In addition, the institute has also established a surveillance post in Jehem poultry.

Where did the chicken has the bird flu virus that claimed two lives that? There is a mention to buy in Market Animal Bangli. But there is also news of three chickens were obtained from Hamlet Gebagan Kayubihi Village, Bangli. Above information, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Bangli also perform localization Kayubihi spraying in the village, Bangli.

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