Friday, October 14, 2011

Indonesia: Bangli Hospital CEO: "We still do observation for 7 days to 32 Health Workers"

October 15, 2011
Bangli hospitals are not prepared to do the bird flu positive patient care. For the legality of the various requirements and necessary care determined by ministerial letter. To Bali defined three special hospitals that treat patients with diseases of this type, Tabanan Hospital, Gianyar and Sanglah Hospital. Hospital CEO Bangli dr. I Wayan Sudiana, M. Kes., Friday (14/10) yesterday.

According to him, specialty hospitals treating victims of bird flu has available special isolation rooms and equipment. So even with the officers who are trained and prepared with virus protective equipment. ''This is not owned hospitals Bangli. If you find any indication or history of symptoms of this disease type it directly refers to the Sanglah Hospital,''he said.

As the incident that occurred recently. Self-protection equipment in hospitals Bangli just enough for two people. Logically, if the patient was referred to Sanglah Hospital, just enough for one nurse and one ambulance driver.

Hospital CEO Bangli dr.
I Wayan Sudiana: ''We still do observation for seven days to 32 health workers who could take care of our second bird flu victim. Thank God for our health workers are still alive. Because they do when treating not equipped with self-protection. Let alone in hospitals Bangli, positive lab tests to determine whether patients infected with RS Sanglah still do beberapakali testing with other institutions,'' he said

In the future it also expects the cooperation with the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Bangli. He expects, this service provides a list of everywhere in the region Bangli threatened and already infected with appropriate rapid test results. That way if there were patients from areas that have been defined as the zone of infection, treatment can be done to the fullest. Including health care workers protect themselves alacrity. ''Our officers than there has been no adequate facilities for the handling of bird flu. Officers are also not trained for it,'' he admitted.

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