Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indonesia: Agencies Continue to Prevent Bird Flu Transmission

Bayu Murti G / National Journal

Jurnas.com | Minister of Health, Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih said, Kemenkes agencies continue to coordinate with local farms to prevent bird flu outbreak. "Every time we check every patient with suspected bird flu and coordinate with government farm every suspect case. Each suspect we check the lab. So far there is not, but there are two victims and found to be positive," said Minister of Health in Jakarta, (11 / 10).

Minister of Health explained, the number of victims of bird flu in Indonesia has always declined, from a dozen people in 2010 to "only" nine people in 2011. "Compared with malaria or other infectious disease, bird flu death toll was little. The problem we are in a high death rate, about 70-80 percent," said Minister of Health.

Strict control is also carried out for bird flu to ensure transmission of the virus has not mutated from human to human. "So far still from animals to humans, has not been found transmission from humans to humans," said Minister of Health.

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