Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indonesia: Banjarangkan Dist: Dozens of Chickens Die but test Negative

The threat of bird flu in Klungkung increasingly alarming. That concern following the death of dozens of chickens in several places, in the Middle antanya in Banjar, and in Banjar Village Tohpati Penarukan, Bungbungan Village, District Banjarangkan. Rapid tests conducted Husbandry officers of Fisheries and Marine (KDP) Klungkung, while showing a negative result. However, residents are asked to remain vigilant and cautious, so do not let the bird flu epidemic.

"The spread of avian influenza through feces and dominant behavioral factors," said Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (KDP) Klungkung drh Ni Ketut Suartini on Tuesday, on the sidelines of spraying in the Middle Banjar, Tohpati Village, District Banjarangkan.

He cautioned residents to raise chickens or livestock in a healthy and always clean the cage, clean the dirt, wipe out the remnants of chicken, such as feathers and others. Because the media spread of bird flu among chickens caged together or loose, ie, through dirt and other equipment which is likely contaminated with the H5N1 virus. While spraying and rapid test performed in the Middle Banjar, and Banjar Village Tohpati Penarukan, Bungbungan Village, District residents Banjarangkan following reports of chicken deaths which occurred grubug in large quantities, since a week lately. Residents Tohpati whose chickens died suddenly since the past week in antarnya Ni Nyoman Karpa and I Wayan Cottage. Both citizens of the chickens died since the beginning of October. "Many dead nadak," said Ni Nyoman Karpa. According to Karpa, of the 30 local chickens she raised, 26 tails off in a row. The chickens are reared wild alias is not grounded. His chickens to death row, and no known cause.

Experienced the same thing I Wayan Cottage. Lodge maintains 10 village chickens. But now run out, because all the chickens died. Following the outbreak of bird flu information that concerned citizens, let alone Tohpati Bangli adjacent to the region, the origin of the victims died of bird flu.

Village Chief Tohpati I Nengah Sutra, said local chickens maintained its citizens, is a chickens for the sake of the ceremony. "Among for-pesuan pesuan (urunan)," Silk said. While for the purposes of the chicken pieces, like the kind of broilers, usually purchased from outside.

Following the threat of bird flu return, Nengah Sutra tells its citizens anxious and worried. Moreover, the fact a lot of dead chickens owned by residents. In addition to the Tohpati, spraying and rapid test by officers KDP Klungkung done in Banjar Penarukan, Bungungan Village, District Banjarangkan. Because in that place there is also a citizen reports of chicken deaths in a row. "The result is still the same, still negative," said Suartini.

He said he has not dared to make sure, what is the cause of death of chickens owned by residents. Provisional estimates, if it were not for bird flu, possibly due to other factors. "It could be because ende. Factors causing the death of chickens a lot, "said Suartini.

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