Monday, October 10, 2011

Leave Families Party bodies Bird Flu Patients

Monday, October 10 2011 12:06 AM | Bali Update | Read 27 times

Denpasar (Bali Reuters) - The family left the body of ALD (10) and Ra (5) who had died from bird flu virus attacks to the General Hospital Center (Dr) Sanglah, Denpasar.

"The bodies of two brothers by his family for a week because it is deposited in the village where his parents lived a religious ritual is in progress so not allowed to do the ceremony of death according to Hindu religious beliefs," said Director General and Operations Sanglah Hospital, dr Elzarita Arbain, M . Kes, in Denpasar, on Monday.

Yet according to the procedures the corpse handling infectious diseases, he explained, should be immediately cremated.

It aims to break the chains of the spread of the deadly virus that do not extend.

"But now the family is not able to perform cremation ceremony for the course are other religious rituals in the village," he said.

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