Friday, June 21, 2013

Commentary on Taif Gov. Saudi Arabia Outbreak #MERS, #Coronavirus

We have read recently that this virus spreads throughout the hospitals very easily.  A most recent example, is in Taif Governorate, Saudi Arabia. 

Taif is located not far from Mecca (click on map to enlarge)

We had a report from the Ministry of Health  in Saudi Arabia on June 14 of 2 new cases in Taif.

2 days later, on the 16th, we hear that they died:

Furthermore, MOH has announced the death of four cases, who had been previously announced to be infected of this virus; two of them in the Taif and other two in the Eastern Region,...

Then, it got real quiet.  You never like it when it's real quiet, when you're a tracker.  Today, we hear that there were 4 Healthcare workers, in Taif, that have recovered.  Very glad they did.  Very worried that somewhere between June 14 and June 20, the initial 2 cases entered the hospital and infected 4 of their staff.

​Within the framework of the ongoing monitoring and epidemiological surveillance of the novel Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that four confirmed cases of this virus have been recorded and all of them have been recovered; bringing the total number of the recovered cases into 14 patients.

The first case was for a 42-year-old Saudi female in the Eastern region, who left the hospital. That is to be added to the three female cases of health practitioners in Taif governorate, ranging their age from 45,39 and 29, and all of them have been recovered,

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