Monday, June 17, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia: Suspected Case in Dawadmi, Riyadh Province

[This article was posted on the 14th, and the previous Tuesday, would have been June 11th.  The 21yo passed away on June 12th.   This translation is difficult to parse.  Map of Dawadmi, Riyadh Province below.].

June 14, 2013

Newspaper Dawadmi - Dawadmi: explained shortly before the source familiar with the hospital Dawadmi year's (Al Dawadmi) that the lady in the third decade of life, died last Tuesday evening in a hospital in the province of Dawadmi year following the failure of the respiratory tract has a rapid deterioration in her health. has The source indicated that the hospital Dawadmi sent the analysis to the Ministry of Health to conduct analyzes necessary to ascertain the extent of being infected with HIV, "Corona" new (MERS-CoV) or not, and between the source also noted that in the event of proven infected with the virus will be declared by the Ministry of Health. In the same context, one with the girl reported that the girl made ​​two weeks before the Sager General Hospital to move beyond to Dawadmi Hospital and who passed away in it last Tuesday evening. 

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