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#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia 'Corona': 4 deaths and 3 new infections ... And the virus harvested victims of Western Saudi

June 18, 2013

Reap the virus 'Corona' yesterday, 4 new victims, including two in the west of the kingdom, as recorded Mecca two deaths, in the province of Taif, 
The last two cases recorded in the eastern region, bringing the number of dead from the virus to 32 cases. As announced by the Ministry of Health, in the words of spokesman Dr. Khalid Marghalani, the discovery of «3 confirmed cases of infection, bringing the number of injured to 49 people.
Marghalani said, in a press statement: «The first infection of a citizen in the East, at the age of 42 years, and receiving treatment in the hospital, suffering from 'chronic asthma',
The second case of a citizen in the Riyadh region, at the age of 63 years, and receiving treatment in intensive care, suffering from «chronic diseases, multiple», The third case is a child in Jeddah, at the age of two years, suffering from «a chronic disease of the lungs», and receiving treatment in intensive care.
The spokesman for the Ministry of Health to follow «constant» of the virus «Corona» within «Investigation epidemiological being done by the ministry of the disease», pointing out that it was «examined 104 samples finally from different regions, and were negative, except for what has been announced».
Despite the move towards a month and a half of the announcement of the first cases Pfyrus 'Corona' in Al-Ahsa, but that the pace of fears of the disease is witnessing a surge. In conjunction with the tightening of precautionary measures in health facilities, in order to avoid transmission of the virus to new people, especially ill 'chronic', who are accustomed to reviewing hospitals.
Also included precautionary measures of undergoing surgery, as deliberately hospitals to accelerate them out of the hospital after the end of the process, for although Murtaza Algeluah, underwent one at a time, to Tlat surgery in a government hospitals in Al-Ahsa, but he did not stay in the hospital only hours. He says: «I was expecting staying in hospital for two to three days, at least until they are sure there are no complications I have after surgery.
But Murtaza, he entered the operations department Minor in seven in the morning, and was surprised بخروجه at one in the afternoon of the same day, which is the form of a «shock» did not expect, and predicted that the reason for rushing to get him out of the hospital is a virus «Corona», «For the sake of the hospital management on patient safety, and that's a good thing calculated to management, but the patient must be made aware of ways to deal with complications, if they occur is in the home.
However, the fears of Fahad Al-Salem, of the virus prompted him to make a decision to postpone the surgery, which was scheduled to undergo her in a hospital in Al-Ahsa, «until further notice» he says, attributing this to the fear of the intensive care rooms in hospitals, despite the approval preventive action followed in the hospital after the spread of the virus.
The Abdul Latif Ahmad (34 years old), he decided to go to one of the neighboring countries to perform the surgery which was a success. He justified his trip abroad as «an opportunity to gain some rest and recuperation with family, and to ensure that injury Balvyrus in operating rooms», adding that «the situation reassuring. Nasser Al-Dosari also decided to travel abroad to conduct some medical tests after follow-up news spread of the virus. He says: «I do medical check-ups every year, but this year I decided to travel abroad to conduct.

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