Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saudi MERS outbreak shows SARS-like features #Coronavirus #MERS

June 20, 2013
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Toronto SARS doctor calls high attack rate of MERS coronavirus unnerving

A long-awaited report on a large and possibly still ongoing outbreak of MERS coronavirus in Saudi Arabia reveals the virus spreads easily within hospitals, at one point passing in a person-to-person chain that encompassed at least five generations of spread.
"This virus is closer to SARS than anything else," McGeer, an infection control expert at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital, said in an interview from Cairo, where she was attending a World Health Organization meeting on MERS on Wednesday. She travelled to Al-Hasa to help investigate the outbreak in May and was on a WHO mission to Saudi Arabia earlier this month.
"If you want to think about how you're going to prevent and manage hospital outbreaks, SARS is the place that all of us would start."

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