Sunday, June 16, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia: 3 Styles Of Transmission -- Am I Suppose To Be Reassured?

I'm not sure this article was posted to reassure the public.  I don't see how it can. So, as I am to understand the translation below, I can only catch the Coronavirus "sporadically" in the Community, from where and how is unknown.  And I may catch it if I am within a family that has a confirmed case and I have "close contact".  I  may also catch it if I am inside a Health Care facility, thru others who were admitted there and are infected.  The Health Ministry is testing 7 to 10 samples a day.  No worries.  Be Happy!!  This article is made to soothe all those that plan to attend Hajj.  Does it?

Health: We have reached to 3 styles Chairperson of thetransmission of "Corona"
June 16, 2013

Detection of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Marghalani for that group of experts shared between the ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) to reach the three main forms are Corona virus transmission through it.

The Marghalani that figure I have a sporadic cases appear in communities without being identify the source of the virus or how transmission, adding that the second form of transmission is by an infection that occurs between family members, known as "cluster", where the disease is transmitted between family members, but the transmission is limited direct friction with the patient in the family, and the third form occurs in health care facilities through the transmission of infection from persons who are admitted to Alah in these facilities.
He added that the ministry has conducted during the past 40 days for examination ranges from 7 to 10 samples per day to يشبته people infected in the virus, noting According to the newspaper "Middle East" that the number of cases that have been monitored so far amounted to 46 cases of which 28 died.
For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Ziad ميمش, there was no clear evidence of transmission through the transmission of the virus from one person to another, reassuring citizens that the cases of transmission does not occur only when mixing inherent in a person infected with the virus. 

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