Sunday, June 16, 2013

Health article emphasizes the Gaza Strip free of virus 'corona' #MERS #Coronavirus

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June 16, 2013
Testament - The Ministry of Health in the deposed government Gaza Strip free of virus 'Corona' new spread in several areas in Saudi Arabia and some parts of the Gulf states and European countries. He called Director of Preventive Medicine Department at the ministry Gaza Magdi Duheir, the citizens not to worry now, due to the scarcity of the spread of the disease in the world, pointing out that the number of casualties at the global level of only 55 cases. The Duheir said in a press statement that some of the media trying to hype the risk of disease and its spread, calling even pilgrims from the Gaza Strip, not to worry, the scarcity of land spread in Saudi Arabia, unlike the seriousness of the bird flu virus and pigs.
And that his department, along with many of the competent bodies monitor developments in HIV transmission 'Corona' in the Arab region and the world, and communicate with global health bodies and in particular the World Health Organization.

He pointed out that the medical staff has the expertise necessary to know the symptoms of the disease and deal with the patient in the event of suspicion of the presence of the virus. And the symptoms that accompany the injured 'Corona' explained that the high temperature, cough and respiratory failure can lead to death through transmission by aerosols and indoor self.

 And drew Duheir to the virus in the early spread was infects birds and animals, and then recently moved to humans through breathing.
He said that the Ministry of Health article continuously communicate with the World Health Organization to coordinate with each other to find out the latest findings of the medical studies on the disease.

Since September 2012, Saudi Arabia alone recorded until today the death of 46 people, and there has been other cases in Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Britain, France and Italy. The World Health Organization (WHO) still do not have enough information on the origin of the disease and its modes of transmission. Scientists launched on HIV 'Corona' name 'syndrome, pneumonia Middle East' to the wide spread in the Middle East.

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