Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Tunisia Suspected Case

Hat-tip @nmalamro
June 17, 2013
Regional harboring ill in hospital Jerba on suspicion of being infected with the virus Coruna Was last Saturday evening harboring ill in hospital regional sincere Jerba provider suspected of being infected with HIV Corona because they suffer from fever hit the set up in Saudi Arabia according to what was said by Dr. Faisal Al-Tayeb Boshlov كاهية basic health director , Medenine. The same source said Monday in a statement to TAP correspondent that this patient was in the holy Umrah Bekaa and carry Corona virus symptoms which required taking precautions for the benefit of the health of her family and the family of the hospital. Dr. Boshlov stated that the result of the analysis did not show yet it can not be confirmed from the case, but the day after tomorrow, Wednesday underlined that the mere suspicion requires caution and prevention.


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