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Comments on the NEJM Study published today #MERS #Coronavirus

an excerpt from a Reuters article dated today:
Initially, 23 people in Saudi Arabia were infected with MERS at the time of the investigation, and 11 died. Saudi health officials now put the death toll at 32, with another 49 infected.
Among the 23 infected initially, five were family members and two were health care workers, the researchers said.
As well as the nine infected patients on dialysis, another dialysis patient had been transferred between units at different hospitals, where others became infected.

Eight other infected patients were transferred between facilities or hospitals - a factor the researchers said probably led to more patients becoming exposed.
So the initial 23 people were:

Saudi Arabia Cluster*
Case Number—Name—From--Onset—Condition—DOD
#1--59M—al Hofuf--4/14—Died--4/19*
#2--24M—al Hofuf--4/17—Died 5/29*
#3--87M—al Hofuf--4/17—Died--4/28*
#4--58M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--5/29*
#5--94M—al Hofuf--4/22--Died--4/26*
#6--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/30*
#7--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/29*
#8--53F—al Hofuf--4/27--ICU Critical/Stable*--Recovered
#9--50M —al Hofuf--4/30—ICU Critical**--Recovered
#10-- Hussein al-Sheikh 33M—al Hofuf--4/28—Recovered, discharged.
#11—62F—al Hofuf--4/19—Died—5/3*
#12—71M—al Hofuf--4/15—Died—5/3*
#13—58F—al Hofuf--5/1—ICU Critical/Stable*--Recovered
#14—48M—al Hofuf—4/29—Died—6/9
#15—58M—al Hofuf—4/6—Recovered, discharged 5/3
#16—69F—al Hofuf—4/25—Died 5/8
#19—56M—al-Hofuf—5/7—Recovered, discharged
#20—45M HCW—al Hofuf—5/2—Critical—Recovered
#21—43F HCW—al Hofuf—5/8—Stable**--Recovered
#22—81F—HCF patient—4/28—Died 5/26

I have 22, not 23, but that's close enough.  The article says that 11 died. I have 12.  So, out of the 23, 5 were family members. Now, that is the FIRST TIME I have heard this. AND, 2 were Healthcare workers. Another enlightening moment.  But, don't forget that this is separate from the "Family Cluster" list that I have, but was never "documented" by those in the know.  That list goes like this:

Saudi Arabia Family Cluster:
Article 5/12:
Name:  Mohammed al-Sheikh (56)**Index Case Father
From:  Ahsa
Adm:  Dhahran Hospital.  ICU.
sym’s on Adm: high fever, low blood sugar. (diabetic).  First 2 days were find.
DOD:  4/15
Note:  Coma last 2 days alive.  Former Employee at National Oil Co. Saudi Aramco.
Son:  Hussein al-Sheikh, Abdulla al-Sheikh, Hanan daughter
Confirmation: Sample still being tested.

Article 5/12:
Name:  Hussein al-Sheikh (33), son of Mohammed al-Sheikh
Onset:  4/18 (3 days after Fathers death)
Adm:  Dhahran ICU
Note:  Still being tested.  Most likely positive.  When sick, temp was high, blod oxygen levels were low.  So tired could walk for days.  Any activity made him cough.  PhD student who studies in Canada.
Confirmed:  No.  Still being tested.  Discharged 5/8

Article 5/12:
Name:  Abdullah al-Sheikh (27), son of Mohammed al-Sheikh
Onset:  4/29
Adm:  5/1  Hospital in district al-Ahsa
Confirmation:  Positive
Note:  Father Died 2 weeks before his onset.
Recovered.  Released 5/15.

Article 5/12
Name:  Hanan, daugher of Mohammed al-Sheikh
From:   Ahsa
Adm:  5/6 Hospital in district al-Ahsa ICU
Not confirmed yet.

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