Friday, June 21, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health Update June 20, 13

[Did I miss an update?  3 Healthcare personnel from Taif?]
June 20, 2013
he Ministry of Health announces that in the framework of continuous monitoring and epidemiological investigation of the new Corona virus disease MERS-CoV for the registration of four confirmed cases, all converged to heal and thus bringing the total number of cases of God to them 14 cases of recovery.
Where the first case of a citizen in the eastern region of the 42-year-old and recovered and was discharged from hospital, in addition to three of the health practitioners in the province of Taif females, ages 45, 39, 29 years تماثلوا to heal. This brings the total number of confirmed cases that converged to heal the 14 cases, thankfully.
The ministry also announced that in the framework of the follow-up work and the epidemiological investigation carried out by the competent committees, the number of samples that have been tested over the past three days 308 samples were negative, but what has been announced.

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