Friday, June 21, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Citizen refuses to receive the bodies of his two daughters after their death Krona disease in Najran #MERS #Coronavirus


Citizen Hadi refused Hamad Al Zmanan the receipt bodies daughters Almtovian, from the maternity hospital, after twenty-four hours of entering the hospital.
He demanded a neutral committee commissioned to uncover the reasons the death of Taflth "Shaden and Slav", which died yesterday and the day before yesterday, and separated by only twenty-four hours.
He said "Al Zmanan," According to the site it already Monday evening draw Btaflth to Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran to Maanathma of high temperature and chest infections, were Tnoimama intensive care, under the negligence or carelessness of the crew located Balotflten the two Zlta Tsaraan death.
He added "Al Zmanan that the hospital had told him that the cause of death on suspicion of being infected with HIV Koruna, before caused her sister on Wednesday evening, without clarification of the real causes of death, making it refuses to receive her body.

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