Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Jeddah's health: the case of 'Corona' registered in the Armed Forces Hospital #MERS #Coronavirus

June 19, 2013
Renewed health affairs in Jeddah position there is no case for a child infected with Corona in Jeddah. 
She explained Health Affairs that the situation announced by the Ministry of Health, three days ago, »is a child at the age of two years, which is found at King Fahad Armed Forces in Jeddah,» she said, adding that the child «suffer failure كلويا and hereditary disease in the lung, and proved examinations and laboratory results of her Pfyrus 'Corona', and assess the patient's southern Kingdom and declining hospital for treatment. The health affairs to the report published by the «Middle» yesterday on the lips of its director, Dr. Sami Badawod and the statement of the Ministry of Health which aired on the ministry yesterday, saying: »There are no cases infected with« Corona »in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health and private sector hospitals in Jeddah that follow administrative affairs Health in Jeddah, adding that supervision and press release from King Fahd Hospital of the Armed Forces does not fall within the purview of Health Affairs in Jeddah. It also confirmed that «all hospitals maintain there are sections of isolating infectious diseases and Mobile and will be placed with them, if any, God forbid, and the terms of the private sector will be converted infected with the virus, if any, to government hospitals for readiness rooms and sections for insulation».

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