Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Tabuk confirm hospitals free of the virus .. The injury health nurses in Taif #MERS #Coronavirus

[There were 2 deaths from Taif, reported out of the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia website, so I don't know what this article is talking about]

June 19, 2013
Denied the Ministry of Health on the tongue Spokesman Dr. Khalid Marghalani rumors about rising infections Coruna in hospitals in Taif, stressing that announced earlier this week two cases only, a lady in the fifty-eighth is still under treatment and follow-up, and citizen of the fifty-sixth died later. 
said Mirghalani The ministry is updating all injuries confirmed viruses Coruna in hospitals Kingdom via the website and transparently to inform citizens on the numbers of infected without reservation it. 
, and the means of reaching social picked up during the past two days suffered two nurses at King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital in Taif to HIV infection, and after that Bacherta cases infected. 
For her part, the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Tabuk to hospitals in the region has not recorded any cases of illness «Corona», and that the region completely free of the disease. 
revealed Assistant Director-General of Health Affairs in Tabuk of Public Health, Dr. Mustafa Al Faraj that all suspected cases and which has been taking a sample of them in the region, results were negative, and did not record any cases so far, stressing the readiness centers health monitoring ports border, particularly with the entry of the Umrah season, pointing out that the plan of the Directorate to investigate this disease and other infectious diseases continues, by taking samples of suspected cases and analyzed in the laboratories of the region and the Central Laboratories. 
For his part, the spokesman explained Media Tabuk health Back Atwi that what is traded through the means of social communication for injured persons in Tabuk infected Coruna false news does not unfounded.

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