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#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabic MOH: No Link To Infections Al-Ahsa, Qassim & Taif

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Author: Al-Ahsa: Adnan al-Ghazal

The nation's physicians: No risk of the virus to healthy and human populations

Said the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed Marghalani, it does not link to virus infections "Corona" registered in the provinces of Al-Ahsa, Qassim and Taif. Among Marghalani's "home" yesterday, the Public Health Agency in the ministry responsible business Investigation epidemiology of this virus, which is monitored and study the spread of the virus activity and investigate its properties and behaviors, and when they are diagnosed with a situation immediately competent management work Investigation epidemic.
In the case of Qassim, it did not prove any link between them and the injuries in Al-Ahsa, as well as cases of Taif and still studies and the investigation continues, however, stated that one form of recording cases of the virus are isolated cases appear in the community until this moment, do not know the source of the virus or how are infected.

He Marghalani in his statement for "home", the Ministry of Health is currently considering the circumstances of this virus to deal with him during the days of Hajj next with the large crowds, but he stressed that the situation is reassuring and not to worry about, and between the efforts of the Ministry of Health to eradicate this virus compatible with global health standards, and they are in the ministry are satisfied with their current efforts to eliminate the virus, the World Health Organization certificate, and they aspire to heal everyone, and that any case of death or injury to the virus affected them all, and no one is pleased with it - he said -.

On the other hand, shorted doctors and practitioners by health in various health facilities in Al-Ahsa - apologized for the condition of anonymity - the risk of infection the virus, "Corona", stressing during their talk yesterday to the "home", it is not a risk to healthy people, and is dangerous only when Patients who do not have immunity and suffer from chronic diseases, Navien completely outbreaks in human populations. They stressed that the virus is under control by a very large, and that the cases of infection are very few and not negligible, and that the immune systems in the human body "natural" is able to deal with it and eliminate it without causing damage to any organ in the body, and that the human bodies that suffer from HIV and suffering from chronic diseases are the most susceptible to this virus, and in these cases vary virulent virus from the human body to another depending on the level of HIV.

It should be noted that the statistical figures of the numbers of people infected with "Corona" Even on Saturday in the province of Al-Ahsa alone - according to data from the Ministry of Health on its website - and advertised as "Eastern" specifically, affixed to statistical first announced by Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah, the means the media and the press during his visit for the Ahads in the last 6 July, refer to the recording 24 cases, of which 11 people died. And that all cases were received in a government hospital, a King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf, in addition to two hospitals Ohliyn the

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