Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vietnam: Add 1 room deaths from influenza A H1N1 in Vinh Long #H1N1

[This may be the 2nd death in Vinh Long.  My list names these two cases

Name:  Woman
From:  Long Tan Commune, Vinh Long Prov.
Onset:  6/11
Adm:  6/15
Note:  Bought chicken at market in commune on 6/8.
DOD:  6/16.

Name:  55yo
From:  16B Dinh Tien Hoang St., Ward 8, Vinh Long
Adm:  Gia Dinh Hospital, Vinh Long
DOD:  6/14
Note:  Was in Cancer Treatment 12.6 days (12 ½).  Showed signs of illness and went to Gia Dinh Hospital.


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tu, director of the Center for Preventive Medicine in Vinh Long province, said Nguyen Van Luong patients (55 years old, live number 16B Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Ward 8, Vinh Long) died in Gia Dinh People's Hospital (HCMC) on 14.6.
Test results showed that patients positive for influenza A H1N1 . Thus, in the present moment, Vinh Long had 2 patients died due to influenza A H1N1 comfort.
Immediately after receiving the results, the authorities have to Luang his family to monitor, sample, spraying processing environment, instruction hygiene measures to prevent infection ...
Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tu, earlier, he Luong cancer treatment in Vietnam. 12.6 days, Mr Luong signs of illness with suspected influenza should Gia Dinh People's Hospital for tests and had a positive result for influenza A H1N1. 

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