Sunday, December 16, 2012

Indonesia: 61,300 Dead Ducks

December 16, 2012
 Semarang:  The bird flu virus or Avian Influenza (AI) began raging in Central Java. Evidently, through Sunday (16/12) extends the range of the virus. Noted 61,300 ducks had died spread across 21 districts. cases of bird flu virus, according to the head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Whitono Java, first detected in September 2012 and continues to spread rapidly. 

Most cases are in areas such as Demak, Pemalang, Wonosobo, Karanganyar, Brebes dan Kabupaten Jepara. This is a new phenomenon because the bird flu virus usually affects chickens. "No one had ducks that died of bird flu", said Whitono. Relative spread of the virus, the Department of Agriculture urged farmers to prevent the spread of the disinfectant. A total of 9300 liters of disinfectant have been distributed by the end of 2012. Farmers who know Itiknya died suddenly also asked to coordinate with the relevant authorities in their respective areas. 

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