Saturday, December 22, 2012

Indonesia: Suspected Bird Flu, Kediri Resident


East Java:
December 22, 2012

One patient, initials MAK (15) had to be treated in hospital isolation room doctor Soewondo Kendal. Based on the complaints and the examination while the patient allegedly infected with deadly H5N1 virus (bird flu).
Doctors Hospital Soewondo Kendal PR, Setyorini Endang said patients come to the hospital on Friday (21/12). The patient complained of head dizziness, cough, runny nose and body high heat.
"Actually complaint as common flu, but because it tells a lot of birds in the surrounding environment that died suddenly, the patient is immediately placed in isolation. Concerned if positive bird flu," said Endang on Suara Merdeka on Saturday (22/12).
Based on information from relatives, Muarifin (15), patients come from Pare district of Kediri Regency, East Java. Since Monday (17/12) and he was in the Hamlet relatives Dodokan RT 2 RW 5 Navan Rural District Patebon Kendal to attend a niece's wedding. But on Friday morning, relatives suddenly complained of pain.
The patient has not had direct contact with poultry, but seirng see duck coops adjacent chance.
"Before you complain of the heat, so ordinary. Valid On Thursday even had time to play PS(playstation) together. clinic he had taken, but refer directly to the hospital, "said Muarifin.
Deputy Director of Field Services Kendal Soewondo Doctors Hospital, Dr. Saekhu say other than the special diet patients also considered. Do not drop her condition. While current blood and saliva samples of patients being conducted laboratory tests in hospitals Dr. Kariadi Semarang.
"Samples have been sent. To mengetahi positive or not, wait for the results," said Saekhu.
He added that a memorandum was the first patient in 2012. But to anticipate the surge of patients with suspected bird flu, it has set up some other isolation.
Previously, Kendal DVO poultry in six states there Kendal positive for bird flu. Patebon addition, the district Weleri, Rowosari, Cepiring, South Kaliwungu and Brangsong.

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