Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Indonesia: Suspected Human Case #H5N1 #Birdflu

Semarang is in Central Java.  
A patient at St Elisabeth Hospital Semarang found "suspect" bird flu. Head of Development of Disease Control and Environmental Health in Central Java Health Office, doctors Rorry Hartono, told journalists on Wednesday (19/12), said it had just received the report of the patient.
He said the patient was an adult male aged 54 years, resident Sambiroto Semarang district, which is currently undergoing a series of tests.
Central Java Health Office has deployed a team to conduct the patient's condition, including riyawat contact with poultry, in addition to laboratory tests to ensure the patient's disease.
"The symptoms of bird flu similar to the common cold, such as cough, runny nose, and high heat above 38 degrees Celsius," he said, accompanied by Borne Disease Control Programme Manager Animals, Penny Setyawati.
Need researched history of contact with poultry, he said, the incidence of birds died suddenly in a place, but to ensure that the patient needs to do a series of laboratory tests.
"Laboratory tests will be done quickly, because it relates to the handling of further steps if it proves positive. At least the results are already known two-three days, "said Rorry.
Semarang City Health Office confirmed reports of patients "suspect" bird flu is currently being treated at St Elisabeth Hospital in Semarang, and still do a check to make the diagnosis of disease.
Semarang City Health Office Head Widoyono doctor said his team had already coordinated with the Central Java Health Office team to triangulate and comprehensive research on the suspected bird flu infection.
Currently, he said, the team from the City Health Office with Java health office had gone to the field to do the tracking."We are still waiting for the results, from risk factors, severity, and so on," he said.
Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Semarang Probowatie Tjondronegoro said there was one patient "suspect" bird flu are being treated, but still need to do further tests.
"The symptoms are similar. However, presumably because of the examinations still pictures 'thorax' patients seen yet. We still need to do further tests to confirm the diagnosis, "he said briefly. (*) 

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