Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indonesia: First Bird Flu Patients Referred to Hospital

[This article describes the patient as having bought 7 chickens on the market that died. It does not describe him as a breeder] 12/21/12 Semarang-A resident Bergas, Semarang regency, M (52), suspected of contracting bird flu virus. Currently, he is in intensive care in the isolation room Room Vincent's Hospital (RS) Elisabeth Semarang. This case stems from seven chickens recently purchased by M on the market suddenly died. Shortly thereafter, he was suffering from flu. Because worry, M took the initiative to check into the hospital. M has been undergoing treatment since Monday (17/12) and at Elisabeth improved health conditions and be able to move. But until yesterday, he was still occupying the isolation room. "Treatment is the same as other flu sufferers. The early symptoms of time here at the person who has the flu, such as shortness of breath and a runny nose. Instead missed, better treated first intensive, "said Head of Public Relations Elisabeth, Probowatie Tjondronegoro, Thursday (20/12). 

Initially, the time to register to check on Elisabeth, he uses the address Sambiroto Village, District Tembalang, Semarang. Having tracked the original address, was living in Bergas M, Semarang regency. "M to be vigilant. He immediately register and provide information about the flu that happened, "said the Probo.  

By X-ray examination of the thorax was performed. Health Department is also memeriska throat swabs and mucus in the laboratory to determine whether or not exposure to M by the H5N1 virus. Conducted an intensive examination of the Department of Health as an agency that has a lab to determine exposure to the virus.  

Chief Medical Officer of Central Java, Anung Sugihantono, said it has to record and track the bird flu is unpredictable. Semarang District Health Office has also set up posts around the house M to anticipate. "on Saturday (22/12) estimated the lab results came out. This is the first case of bird flu suspect in Central Java this year, "said Anung. M suspected bird flu infected poultry due to direct contact with the H5N1 virus.  

Throughout this year, cases of bird flu in Central Java has never happened, either suspected (unexpected) and positive exposure to the H5N1 virus. Since November 2011, Central Java Health Office wary bird flu increased in the rainy season with socialization and advocacy in Sukoharjo, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Wonogiri, Holy, Grobogan, Klaten, and Banjarnegara. 

 "A total of 24 clinics have been prepared to anticipate the spread of bird flu in the district," he said. Formerly, Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Central Java, Whitono, explains, until Wednesday (19/12), avian influenza (AI) which attacks poultry least have killed 64,285 ducks (0.78%) of the total population of 8,159,311 tailed ducks in 23 districts / municipalities in the province. 

 In order not to extend, Whitono urged traders do not trade in a sick duck. Moreover, the new AI is considered a zoonotic or can be transmitted to humans. District Six in Kendal, H5N1 AI virus or getting raged. Viruses are better known as bird flu has spread over six districts and caused tens of thousands of ducks died suddenly. Breeders also troubled by the health and damage suffered.Kendal Head of Animal Husbandry Department of Animal Husbandry, Eko Tri Jatmiko, said indications were known after the rapid test (rapid test) in some farms.  

Samples have been taken and based on testing, confirmed the death of ducks caused by H5N1 virus. Six districts are Weleri, Rowosari, Cepiring, South Kaliwungu, Brangsong and Patebon. "Penyemperotan routinely be done by the breeder. Livestock shall not be sold, "said Eko, Thursday (20/12). anticipation to be done by the breeder was using gear / clothing when closed and sterile poultry feed. They also have to keep the cage and yourself, especially after being in the cage should wash their hands.Besides isolating sick animals. Suddenly Chairman of Farmers Group Navan Rural, Purnomo, said due to the virus breeder ducks belong to the group are dead. Ducks died suddenly, whereas before seen sense. On average, every day there's 30 ducks died suddenly. He was surprised by the incident. Various treatment efforts have been made, but to no avail. "And once there are 1,500 individuals. Harm already hundreds of millions, "said Purnomo. 

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