Saturday, December 22, 2012

New coronavirus may have spread person to person in Jordan; milder cases likely

 Helen Branswell, The Canadian Press

The World Health Organization says the new coronavirus may have spread from person to person in a cluster of cases that occurred in Jordan in April.
In a statement issued Friday, the global health agency did not indicate how many people it considers as probable cases from the Jordanian outbreak, which centred on a hospital in Zarqa.
In April, before the existence of the new coronavirus was recognized, the Jordan Times reported that there was an outbreak of an unknown illness causing pneumonias at Zarqa Public Hospital.

The newspaper cited Abdul Latif Wreikat, Jordan’s minister of health, as saying there were 11 cases. Seven were nurses, one was a doctor and one was a brother of one of the nurses. The article did not indicate who the other two patients were.
Two people in this cluster of cases died of their infections. Once the existence of the new coronavirus became known, stored samples taken from the two patients who died were tested for the virus and they were confirmed as cases.
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