Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indonesia: Central Java Increased suspect case of H5N1

21 December 2012

SURABAYA-virus bird flu or Avian Influenza (IA) that attacked ducks in East Java (East Java) continues to expand.least 26,000 ducks existing six AI.Padahal infected area a few days ago the number of newly infected ducks around 8,200 birds. Six regions are indicated AI attack Tulungagung, Blitar, Probolinggo, Kediri, Jombang and Lamongan.To avoid the spread of AI virus to other areas, East Java Livestock Office closes traffic ducks out of the region for the oversight. Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Emylia East Java, said: "We prohibit the sale and purchase of poultry in a state hospital, including closing traffic poultry in the infected AI virus. This also menghindarivirus AImenyerang steps to humans, "he said. Chairman of the quick reaction team of bird flu in East Java Provincial Livestock Office, said the virus that attacks Iswahyudi ducks are H5N1.Namun type of this disease have differences with a virus that attacks chickens. "From the research we do, the type of virus that attacks the ducks clade 2.3. while attacking type chickens 2.1, "he said. Outside the region, the poultry farmers in Bojonegoro start worrying impact of bird flu. Moreover, this area is a transit birds from Central Java. "Currently, most poultry farmers choose to stop first breed free-range chicken," said Fuad Ardianto, 30 poultry farmers in the village of Banjarsari, KecamatanTrucuk, Bojonegoro. Governor of East Java, Soekarwo suspect in the death of thousands of duck duck transmitted Java imports from China and Australia. To overcome this, East Java provincial government has deployed 270 officers rapid reaction unit (URC) bird flu. "It's not a category Extraordinary Events (KLB)," said Governor Soekarwo on the sidelines of Memorial Day archipelago in Psychology. Patient Suspect AI Increase the meantime, the patient suspect bird flu in Central Java, increased by one person. After a man from Semarang, suspect AI, yesterday a breeder in Dodogan Hamlet, Navan Rural, District Patebon, Kendal initials Pn suspect bird flu by keeping thousands of ducks are dead.  Pn experiencing cough, runny nose, and fever big tinggi. Most of the ducks are dead ducks belong to farmers who have large amounts of ducks in great numbers. "within 1-2 days if not healed, it will be referred to a hospital isolation room Dr H Soewondo," said Kendal Istiqomah Tri health office staff.   lutfi yuhandi / andi setiawan / hendrati hapsari / muhammad roqib / solichan arief

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