Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Indonesia: Start Bird Flu Victim grabs

SEMARANG bird-flu outbreak that attacks a number of duck farms in Central Java (Central Java) and East Java (East Java) to start worrying. deaths are contracting the virus is starting to fall. Two people were reported killed, and one man collapsed because of bird flu. "We have just received reports of one patient suspectflu bird," said Head of Development of Disease Control and Environmental Health, Central Java Health Office, Dr. Rorry Hartono in Semarang, yesterday. he said, the patient suspect bird flu was an adult male aged 54 years , a resident of the area Sambiroto, Semarang. Patients were treated at St Elisabeth Hospital, Semarang, is still undergoing a series of tests. "Bird flu symptoms resemble the common cold, such as cough, runny nose, and high heat above 38 degrees Celsius," said Rorry, accompanied Is Borne Animal Disease Control Programme, Penny Setyawati. The information gathered, the patient was taking before the rest of the poultry meat chickens had died suddenly. patient began experiencing malaise in 1 to December 12. He then had a cough and buy my own medicine at the pharmacy. Increased patient complaints on Saturday (15/12) ago. He experienced shortness of breath. Patients were then admitted to the hospital on Monday (17/12) for treatment intensif.Dia now occupies the space isolation. Head of Public Relations of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Semarang, Probowatie Tjondronegoro said, there is a bird flu suspect patients were treated. "Symptoms mirip.Namun was suspected because of the patient's examination of the thorax photo nampak.Kami yet still need to check further to confirm the diagnosis," he said briefly The findings of bird flu patients in Semarang is quite surprising. Health Office (PHO) Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) earlier, noted there have been two victims died from exposure to the virus. One victim stated unknown suspect had died a week ago. While the other victims who tested positive for bird flu died about four months ago. Two of the victims were from Sleman regency. Chief of Disease Control and Health Issues (P2MK) DIY Dinkes Daryanto Chadorie said of the investigation, there were no cases of birds died suddenly in the vicinity of the victims who tested positive for bird flu or suspect. "But specifically to suspect we are still awaiting the results of laboratory blood samples, "added Daryanto.Patients who tested positive for bird flu infection from Prambanan district. Victims of sex with boy aged about 39 years. As for suspect data received Dinkes DIY still a toddler category. H5N1 Response Team Member RSUP Sardjito Yogyakarta, Dr. Sumardi confirmed the suspect bird flu died. "Actually we've siapsiap to accept patient referrals toddler from the Sleman. But it has not reached RSUP Sardjito patients died. The case last week, "he said on Sunday (16/12). Previously, the Ministry of Health (MOH) released one suspect bird flu died in Bogor. Based on the results of the investigation, suspected bird flu patient in direct contact with dead birds in the neighborhood. With the increase of the case, the Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health Ministry of Health, noted, the total number of human bird flu cases since 2005, a total of 192 cases with 160 cases, death. 

 Ministry of Health asked the public to report to the health, especially if any of the surveillance team suspected of contracting the flu virus burung.Wakil Minister of Health (Wamenkes) Mukti Ali Ghufron said, in addition to reporting, citizen suspected of contracting bird flu virus immediately taken to the hospital, "So menundanunda to be taken to hospital," he said.  

To the people who raise ducks, Wamenkes urge more aware, and handle it according to the procedure or established standards. If there are ducks infected with bird flu or died suddenly, residents are asked to avoid direct contact with feces or blood especially former slaughterhouse. "Do not get in contact directly," he said.  

Imports of Poultry from Australia Retired Deputy Trade Minister Bayu Krisnamurthi said the government decided to stop the import of all kinds of birds from Australia. Step halt to the import is done because in the land of kangaroos that appear H7N7 virus. Although different types, the government felt every animal must be anticipated potential outbreaks of bird flu in Java that can be dealt with. "We've responded to the letter the minister of agriculture and we close the trade from Australia. Although the virus is different, but equally dangerous, "he said. As reported, the Animal Husbandry Department 8200 East Java ensures only ducks were positive for H5N1 virus from more than 20,000 samples were examined in the laboratory. Amount was obtained from the six regions in East Java Kediri, Blitar, Tulungagung, Lamongan, and Probolinggo. Currently Disnak is investigating the spread of bird flu. Step wary done Malang Agriculture Department. Head of Agricultural Department of Malang, Niniek Suryantini urge people to be careful, "We hope in Malang no cases of bird flu. But we continue to do active monitoring ". In addition to socializing, he appealed to the public from keeping livestock poultry. "In the event of finding dead birds suddenly, people were also asked to immediately report to the department of agriculture," he said. Department has prepared 1500 doses of vaccine antifluburunggunamengantisipasi deadly plague.

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