Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Indonesia: Consider Indonesia Ducks Close Imports from China

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Government of Indonesia consider closing ducks imported from China.  

This is because of the bird flu virus that attacks the ducks in Central Java is the virus H5N1 strain thought to have come from China. "responding to the letter of the Minister of Agriculture Ministry of Trade, made ​​us do the closing trade with Australia. 

We are also preparing to close the trade (duck) with China if necessary . 

We conduct intensive monitoring because of the new H5N1 strain originated in China, "said Under Secretary of Commerce Krisnamurthi in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/12). 

Ministry of Trade, through the Directorate General of Domestic Trade, is currently monitoring the inter-island trade in anticipation of widespread duck bird flu outbreak in ducks. If needed will be made ​​inter-island trade restrictions. "We want to drive the birds must be quarantined inter-island trade to ensure security," he said. adding, Indonesia barely live ducks imported from Australia. Indonesia to import only refined products for animal feed. "theoretically should not deploy for refined products (bird flu virus). But we must not be complacent," he concluded.

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