Sunday, December 16, 2012

Indonesia: Two Person Dies of Bird Flu in Jogja

December 16, 2012
YOGYA ( - Cases of bird flu (H5N1) in the DIY in the past four months, has left two people dead. Both are derived from the Sleman district where one person tested positive for the H5N1 and the other one is a suspect H5N1. Chief of Disease Control and Health Issues (P2MK) DIY Health Department, Daryanto Chadorie revealed one positive case of H5N1 occurred about four months ago in the area of Prambanan, Sleman . The patient was a man aged about 39 years and died in hospital. Bethesda. "while the other is still suspect H5N1 case, in which a toddler. their blood samples were also sent to a medical laboratory in Jakarta last week. Yet until now there has been no result," he said, Sunday (16/12) 

According to him, the death of two people people with bird flu, the case should have been entered in the Extraordinary Incident (KLB). However, the decision to declare the outbreak contained in each county / city. "Although there has been no declaration of bird flu outbreaks, but the handling is done as an outbreak of bird flu. Prambanan When patients tested positive for bird flu, the epidemiological investigation immediately," he said.  

Meanwhile, the case of the death of a toddler who allegedly because AI also expressed last week by Tim Prevention H5N1 (Bird Flu) Dr Dr. Dr. Sardjito Sumardi, SpPD (K). "A week ago there was information that infants suspected of bird flu will be referred to the department of Sleman Sardjito. However not yet reached the department of Dr. Sardjito patients died. Due to the death of Dr Dr Sardjito not, then we do not do a sample," he added.

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