Saturday, December 22, 2012

Seasonal Flu: Dallas Texas: Vaccine Flying Off Pharmacy Shelves As Flu Cases Up

Dallas County Health officials say flu cases are up 40 percent since October.  The bump in cases has come earlier than usual in the flu season and has pharmacists working hard to keep flu antivirals in stock.
Dougherty’s Pharmacy in Dallas is busy with customers looking for relief from the flu.  But those suffering with the common symptoms of fever aches and the chills–may hit a snag.
“We had some Tamilflu on the shelf, but we immediately ran out,” said pharmacist Andy Komuves.
Tamiflu–the most recommended medicine to fight influenza–is in high demand.  So much so that many pharmacies are running out and are having to make additional orders.
Shipments of the Tamiflu capsules for adults and adolescents is easier to refill, but Dougherty’s says it is completely out of the the liquid form for babies and infants.

Dallas county health experts say it’s not to late to get vaccinated against the flu and say certain patient groups are more at risk than others.

This can be very deadly for our older population and our young children the concern should always be the fact if you don’t have the flu shot you’re not protected,” said Dallas County Health Director Zachary Thompson.

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