Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indonesia: Suspect had a chicken farm in Bergas, Semarang

  December 20, 2012

A suspect bird flu patients treated in hospital isolation rooms Elisabeth Semarang. The man is 54-year-old private sector workers who have a chicken farm in Bergas, Semarang regency. Elisabeth Hospital Semarang Head of Public Relations, confirmed there Tjondronegoro Probowatie suspect bird flu patients in isolation. Male patients were entered into the hospital since Monday (12/17/2012) then. "Get in the isolation room, it's just a regular room and she was alone and out of hand washing," said Probowatie in his office, Elisabeth Hospital Semarang, Thursday (20 / 12/2012). adding initials MUK be patient suspect bird flu because of concerns of patients themselves. MUK had the flu along with his cattle chickens that died suddenly. "Three or four chickens died suddenly. Incidentally he had the flu, for fear brought here. symptoms like breathlessness and the common cold. mending over-diagnosis than we missed," said Probowatie. Nevertheless, it does not want to take the risk and keep doing the treatment by placing the patient in isolation. The related report by the patient suspect bird flu was, continued Probo, has been awarded to the City Health Department. "Because that has laboratories for H5N1 is the health department. they are here to perform the examination. Examination photo 'thorax' has been done," said Probowatie . 'If it is bird flu, it will be referred to the hospital Kariadi Semarang, "he added.Meanwhile, head of the Central Java Provincial Health Office, Anung Sugihantono said MUK examination was performed. The result of the H5N1 virus does MUK or not can only be known on Saturday (22/12) future."Epidemiology unexpected bird flu from contact with poultry. results will be out next Saturday. This is the first case of bird flu in Central Java during the year 2012," Anung firm. Nurse in charge of MUK, Sprott said the existing condition of the patient has improved. "It's been good and there is an active mobilization," he said. Previously, Head of the Animal Husbandry Department of Central Java province, said Whitono data from September to December, more than 62 thousand birds ducks died suddenly. It had conducted an anticipatory measures to decrease the rapid action team and deploy disinvektan. "It spread disinfectant 1,300 liters. coordination meeting with the District Health Office / City has also been done," said Whitono.(alg / try) 

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