Friday, December 21, 2012

Indonesia: West Java Prepares for Human Cases of #H5N1 #Birdflu

 West Java (Jabar) defined alert status following the outbreak of bird flu H5N1 virus back in some areas in Java.
West Java Health Office has alerted hospitals in 10 districts / cities in West Java. Tenth hospital isolation room equipped to handle patients who indicated the bird flu disease.
"The ten hospitals that include RSHS, RS Rotinsulu, Subang RS, RS Slamet Garut, Sukabumi RS and RS Cirebon," he said. Jabar He appealed to all people to be alert to bird flu outbreaks.For poultry farmers, he asked that they always use protective equipment when working at home.
"Those who work at home should carry out vaccination to inhibit the proliferation of the virus, especially bird flu virus," he said. while for people who raise poultry are encouraged to change his attitude in treating pets. "Do not put in the house, if you can keep and vaccinated. Those who raise chickens or ducks better not removed first, dikandangin better," he said.

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