Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indonesia: CA Nidom speaks of new variant of bird flu

December 16, 2012
Indonesia so far has never been imported poultry life of Australia. while related deaths of thousands of ducks in some areas, said the Ministry of Agriculture Gratitude still investigating the cause. "Experts are still studying whether the H5N1 virus type 2.3 appears due to infiltration from the outside or gene mutations." Ministry of Agriculture, according to him yet decided to suspend poultry imports from other countries.

Formerly a researcher bird flu virus in Surabaya, CA Nidom said the emergence of a new variant of the bird flu virus is estimated to have a more harmful impact of the virus before. "My love for this picture from the virus of bird native to Indonesia the ducks and birds are not too fierce so the death rate for them is not high. duck and quail's been spreading and its nature as a duck is not dead but is now dead duck, "said Nidom. "This would mean more violent and transmission models of duck and quail close to humans. " said Nidom

Virus 2.3 for H5N1 variant is circulating in some countries such as Inda South Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and parts of East Asia.

Meanwhile, local poultry farmers groups have urged the government to stop imports of Chinese duck suspected source of transmission of the virus.


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