Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indonesia: Kediri Anticipation of Bird Flu Transmission to Humans

December 19, 2012
After thousands of ducks in Kediri, East Java, known to be positive bird flu (Avian Influenza), the local government is currently undertaking precautions so as not to infect humans. 

Chief Medical Officer of Kediri Regency, Adi Laksono said it has formed a team of Health Department as well as community health centers, and this time they began working in the field.
"We have also coordinated with the Department of Animal Husbandry related dots case finding dead birds," said Adi Laksono, Tuesday (18/12/2012).
The team, said Adi Laksono, tasked with investigating epidemiology to detect the presence or absence of people who suffer from shortness of breath accompanied by flu, the symptoms of bird flu. These checks are done on people who live within 100 meters of the location of the discovery of bird flu infected poultry.
In addition to the people who were at the discovery of bird flu cases, the examination will also be carried out on people who interact directly with the ducks, such as farmers, herders, to poultry traders.

Counseling is also done to meninimalisasi [minimalize] the panic caused by the case. While passive measures, with accommodating people who come to the clinic to check yourself.
"We happen to have handled cases of humans infected with bird flu, which in the year 2006," he concluded.
Previously reported, thousands of ducks in Kediri positive for H5N1 virus with a clade 2.3. As a result of this attack, 26 thousand ducks infected and 11 thousand of them, died.

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