Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indonesia: Many Ducks Pain, Beware of Bird Flu

The Case of Bird Flu outbreak and disturbing the public back in Indonesia. Beware of the public can see the signs around him, one that many ducks are sick.

A month ago, a toddler from Bogor the initials IT (4 years) died allegedly due to Bird Flu. The victim died after referral to the Tangerang District Hospital received previously received care and treatment at the health center.

With increasing case, already recorded 192 cases in Indonesia since the beginning of the year 2003-2004 pertaining to Avian Influenza. was conveyed by the Director of Animal Borne Disease Eradication, Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (PP and PL) Ministry of Health Affairs, Dr. Rita Kusriastuti, MSc, to Liputan6.com on the sidelines of the 'Conservation Research Professor of Health Research and Development of the Ministry of Health', Tuesday (18/12 / 2012).

"Total in Indonesia from the early years 2003-2004 there were 192 cases and 160 people died there. was to make Indonesia as the country's highest, a good number of the dead and according to the case itself," said Rita. For that, Rita called for people are always vigilant and conduct prevention activities. And at the hospital, as soon as possible to help people if they do not get sick and die. Moreover

Rita said, one can not know when he was hit by H5N1. Hence, he asked residents to take reasonable precautions to live clean and healthy behavior. If possible, do not close the chickens or birds that are sick. Moreover, today many ducks are sick. If it's someone to hold the bird-unggs, recommended to wash hands. Besides cleaning the cage to watch, then do disinfect the cage. addition, Rita encourage parents to wear a mask, gloves, plastic boots if you want to interact with their pets. Moreover, is required to give the distance between the home and special pet cages. The most distant of about 25 meters. "So for now I do not advocate to raise chickens together with the house., and also if we are to raise chickens and pigeons, not at a distance too close to home '. "So the best is 25 feet from home . so there is a special enclosure, special chicken coops were located 25 meters from the house and do not blend with the house. Due that will blend with the risk is too high, "Rita added. (ADT / IGW)


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