Friday, December 14, 2012

Bogor has a very virulent H5N1...All the Ducks are Dying..

Could the human confirmed case have that clade?

BOGOR -The death of tens of thousands of ducks in Brebes, Central Java, and a number of other areas, thought to be caused H5N1 jenis new virus. Professor of microbiology and conveyed imonologi, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), I Wayan Teguh Wibawan. According to Teguh, the virus that belongs to the clade 2.3.2 or from different classes of virus before. "Clade is a new disease that attacks a group of new, yet have less immunity to clade. Includes pet ducks and other poultry animals, "he said in Bogor, Friday (12/14/2012). He continued, causing the emergence of the virus could have been due to bird migration / mutation of the virus in Indonesia.

Besides uncontrolled poultry trade is also a trigger. way of prevention, he continued, to do with biosecurity measures, such as restrictions on poultry transport sick birds from one area to another. "Doing destruction is limited and does disinfectant," he explained. virus that has killed tens of thousands of birds were judged similar to those circulating in China and Vietnam.

Teguh expect the government to respond to the case before the attack without control. "Immediately looking for a source of transmission of the disease by investigating, among others, whether the entry of the virus through interstate commerce or the other," he advised. Alternatively, he said, that monitor the presence of birds that migrate to the area of Indonesia so that the virus does not mutate.

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