Monday, December 10, 2012

Indonesia: Bali: Thousands of Chickens Die Sudden, Jembrana

December 10, 2012
Two days later more than 3 thousand of the total seven thousand chickens in the chicken coop owned by I Wayan Ardana, Residents Dusun Awen, Kelurahan Lelateng, Jembrana died suddenly.

Likewise, other breeders place, thus making the farmers anxious for fear of bird flu on Monday (10/12).

Related to the farm manager, Ketut Suarya said the chickens had been very sick. Even the chicken feed that is usually eaten later refused to eat. On the condition that he too claimed to have given drugs and spraying. But the chickens were not cured, it dies. In four days, the dead every day continues to increase. Initially only 70 tails, but every day more and more, up to 140 birds. "The chickens are dead, I have planted in a hole," tuturnnya.

Furthermore Suarya said, from the beginning raise chickens, chickens which was maintained until now many have died. Before dying, the chickens foaming from his beak. He also claimed it never happened before, but not to bad as this. Whole chickens that died, was buried in a hole and now there are three holes. "In fact, if not dead, my chickens would this be harvested again 10 days" he explained.

 Meanwhile, in a separate place, Head of Agricultural Crops and Livestock Jembrana, Ketut Wiratma said it has not received an official report, related many a dead chicken with considerable amounts, in one of the poultry farmers in the Awen. However, it has deployed officers to check a while. According to officials from the Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and Livestock Jembrana, Wayan East Timor, said the results of the examination, hundreds of the dead were not infected with bird flu. "The results of rapid tests, so the results are negative. No clinical symptoms of bird flu symptoms, this might be other diseases. To reinforce this should be checked in the lab "he explained ideas

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