Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Indonesia: East Java Reports Dead Ducks

It's hard to believe that these birds are dropping like flies all within the past 2 weeks.  Yesterday, I made a post about the different regions of Indonesia that have had birds dying recently.  That included Central Java, Yogyakarta, Riau, Bali, Sukabumi West Java.  That post is located here.

Now we have East Java, and the ducks dying in the past 3 days:

Kediri : Just in time no more than three days, hundreds of ducks in Kediri, East Java, died suddenly. Provisional estimates, the birds died of the bird flu virus. Department of Kediri farms still awaiting lab results before taking any concrete action on the case. Hundreds of ducks that died suddenly most severe in the village of moor, District Kandat. Every day there are dozens of dead duck. According to the local duck farmers, Sawaji, Tuesday (11/12/2012) classified as sudden death. Within a day, which initially looks healthy ducks suddenly looked ill and soon died. There are no precautions against the spread of the disease. But the local duck farmers took no chances, they malakukan own prevention efforts by spraying disinfectant and vaccination of livestock. chief animal health official farm Kediri, Apriati Dwiwin reveal the presence of disease 'mysterious' is not only the duck population in Kediri risk continues to decrease, but also duck egg production declined. Kandat District is one of the central breeding ducks Kediri. Duck population here reached over 28 thousand heads.

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