Thursday, December 13, 2012

Indonesia: VOA - Indo imports duck seeds from Britain, France, Germany & Malaysia...

From VOA [Voice of America]
Kate Lamb  Fathiyah Wardah
December 13, 2012

Director General of Livestock and Animal Health Ministry of Agriculture, Gratitude Iwantoro, said the virus that attacks the ducks this time from a different variant or group before. This new virus variants coded 2.3.2, like the bird flu virus that originated from countries such as Vietnam, China, Laos and Thailand, said Thanksgiving. dangers virus today, said Aha, causing high mortality in birds than previously virus ( code 2.1). When asked if this virus at high risk for humans, he states can not answer that. Experts, said Thanksgiving, is currently discussing the possibility of this virus in Indonesia due to mutations in genes previously or need for outside intervention. During this time, Indonesia imports ducks seed from Britain, France, Germany and parts of Malaysia.  In the case of the bird flu virus 2.3.2, the government is tightening requirements ducks imported seeds.
According to Ade, the spread of the virus has been almost uniformly across the center of ducks from West Java, Central Java and East Java to areas along the north coast. The area worst affected due to virus attacks Avian Influenza is located in Central Java, began Pati hingga Bribes.

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