Monday, December 10, 2012

Indonesia: Chicken Broiler Breeder Harden Healthcare Security

DECEMBER 10, 2012
 Indonesian Poultry Society Federation (FPMI) states, since the discovery of the virus of avian influenzaor bird flu, better known, commercial poultry animal health began to tighten security. Especially in broiler chicken farms. 

"We seek improved biosecurity on commercial farms. We anticipate the spread of bird flu in chickens with increased officer training at home, "said Chairman Don P. FPMI Utoyo when contacted by Tempo , Monday, December 10, 2012. 

Biosecurity chicken farms are safeguards to prevent the spread of avian viruses. This is done through various means, such as spraying disinfectant, hand washing behavior, change clothes before and after direct contact with poultry, wild birds and not let into the ranch. 

"Ranch commercial, both small and great, anticipating tight. First duck is still resistant to the virus, but apparently no change in nature so that it now can make dead duck, " Utoyo added. 

Till today, he added, the farmers always make sure there are no chickens were infected with this virus. Healthy chickens are also guaranteed to be cut at the slaughterhouse. Therefore, he was not worried about the demand for chicken will be reduced. 

broiler production averaged 36-38 million birds a week. The production came from farms in Lampung, North Sumatra, Palembang, South Sulawesi, Bali and Java. While the biggest chicken consumption is the Greater Jakarta area. 

"Jabodetabek consumption is one third of the production. The rest of Java and outside Java than Jabodetabek, "he said. 

recently, discovered hundreds of thousands of ducks owned poultry farmers in Java sudden death.Most duck deaths occurred in four provinces, namely East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and West Java. 

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