Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vietnam: Each week, 18 tons of smuggled poultry in Hanoi


Status poultry smuggled from across the border massively smuggled consumption of our country which is the burning of the agricultural sector for many years. Work to prevent illegal chicken is even more difficult when smuggled sophisticated tricks, beyond the control of functional forces. In particular, since September, the state bird smuggling rife than ever.

According to calculations by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the average weekly authorities discovered 15 -18 tons of smuggled poultry in Hanoi. The same smuggled poultry and eggs are about to hatch an unknown phase also complicated with approximately 40% of bird seed smuggled out of control.
Chickens smuggled blatantly Circulation in Hanoi for Ha.
Chickens smuggled blatantly Circulation in Hanoi for Ha.
100,000 tons chicken smuggled in October.

Husbandry Department (MARD), only in the first 10 months of this year there were about 100,000 tons of chicken waste (equivalent to 45,000 tonnes of meat) of China illegally imported into Vietnam. Of smuggled chicken is equivalent to the total amount of frozen meat these import quotas same time period. From the beginning of the year also has about 15 - 20 million chickens smuggled types and over 50,000 tons of frozen meat import quotas on Vietnam.


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