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Vietnam: Identifying Chicken: Harm from eating chicken antibiotic residues

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Facing the chicken waste and residual smuggled chickens antibiotics exceeds the permitted level, Dr. Nguyen Huu Doan, Deputy Director of Department of Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture, Hanoi University of Agriculture has analysis and guide people to identify this bird.
Chicken waste, mine usually truncated
According to Dr. Nguyen Huu Doan, to meet market demand for eggs for the world as well as in our country, the farm are super chicken eggs with chicken in common is a relatively small body. This approach is similar to chicken curry aimed less and can feed chickens with high density, due to the cage. Ragged feathers are usually brown due to too old. Brown shell, high egg production. According to the calculations, each hen lays 280 - 300 eggs. Each egg weighs 55 - 65g, while ri eggs of our country only 40 - 45g/qua .
Super chicken eggs usually beaked penguin by surgical cut to them from biting. Chicken lips this type consists of two phases: chicken and gilts (prepared childbirth) lasted for about 4.5 months, hens have time 13 - 14 months. Thus, life super chicken eggs lasts about one and a half years, while the super chicken meat, it is only about 1.5 months, chickens backyard coat is 3 months, the chicken about 4 - 5 months .
In addition to these factors, Dr. Nguyen Huu Doan said, in life super chicken eggs, after hatching until it is condemned, farmers injected 12 - 15 times the vaccine types in the chicken. This is to prevent the disease is mainly caused by the virus (virus) causes such as avian flu (H5N1), translated Coliza, reduced tongue syndrome, also called chicken cholera RU (newcastle); gumboro; beans; chicken toi (fowl) .. .
In addition, to prevent diseases caused by bacteria , monthly, or even weekly, one has to feed the chickens antibiotics periodically. In particular, the list of banned antibiotics toxic to pets and humans. Sometimes chickens get sick, we also inject antibiotics directly into the chicken breast. All the above vaccines and antibiotics are not excreted out from the body hen that accumulates gradually, until condemned in the body too much chicken and antibiotic residues .
Can easily create drug-resistant organisms
Information from the Department of Animal Health announced recently showed that 40% of the sample layer culling smuggled Chinese antibiotic residues exceeding the permitted level. According to Dr. Nguyen Huu Doan, this is also the cause of the countries in the world not to eat chickens laying waste types that only allow processed into feed for cattle, dogs, cats .. .
When eating chicken antibiotic residues will definitely harm to consumers. In particular, some consumers are allergic. If you eat a variety of meat, the human body can generate drug-resistant microorganisms, oily antibiotics should they cause human disease is very difficult to treat. At the same time, eating chicken antibiotics also reduce the immune response of the body, causing the body to gradually become weak, reducing the resistance. These people can not live without antibiotics. Even some antibiotics can cause cancer for consumers .
Only eat chicken waste, new antibiotics have adverse impacts on consumers. However, to the naked eye as well as by the ordinary senses such as color, smell, taste ... consumers can not detect antibiotic residues in chicken. To detect the level of residues of antibiotics need to use modern machinery and equipment in the laboratory .
Dr. Nguyen Huu Doan

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