Monday, December 10, 2012

Indonesia: Chairman Zulkamain, Urges Gov't to Stop Import of Breeding Ducks

Overcome Bird Flu, Government Must Stop Import Ducks
December 10, 2012

SUKABUMI - Chairman of the Central Board (DPP) Himpuli, Ade M Zulkarnain, urged the government to stop the import of breeding ducks that have been done in Indonesia.
"Ducks imports must be stopped," said Ade told Reuters on Monday (10/12). According to him, the policy needs to be done to tackle bird flu outbreak that occurred in the past week.
Ade explained that the government must re-enable the poultry restructuring policy which had been halted. Digalakan massive restructuring program poultry from 2007 to 2010.
Restructuring must also include farm itik.Di other hand, the duck farmers who suffered losses due to animal death peliharaanya should get the attention of the government.
For example, with compensation and stimulus so that they can continue business as normal cattle.
If the government does not immediately handling a problem, says Ade, then the existence of hundreds of duck farmers will be threatened. They fear it would cease business or go out of business any time soon.
Ade admitted, the government through the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) has actually issued a circular regarding the handling of bird flu in ducks issued on 6 December. However, unfortunately, the government has not revoked on imported ducks at the root of the problem

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