Friday, December 14, 2012

Indonesia: Bribes Tens of Thousands Mass Duck Death Last 2 Weeks

December 14, 2012

Officers of Central Java convention of agricultural quarantine inspection on Friday afternoon in several duck farms in Brebes, following the increasingly widespread cases of sudden death of ducks in this region due to suspected bird flu.

Until now, the last two weeks, the number of ducks that died suddenly Brebes allegedly region has reached tens of thousands. This makes the mass death of duck breeders panic. Because they have not found a cure, let alone most of the ducks that died suddenly on average younger. Officers took samples of duck feathers and duck feces for materials research, so it can be determined whether the death of ducks from bird flu or other illness.

Currently farmers suffered considerable losses, and some have gone out of business. To anticipate the spread of the other ducks or humans, the farmers are required to burn or bury the carcasses of ducks with a minimum depth of half a meter.

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