Monday, December 10, 2012

Indonesia: Company Is Not Worried About Importing Ducks Bird Flu

The company began to respond to reports of large farms spread of bird flu virus (H5N1). Indonesia Tbk PT Charoen Pokpand claimed to be ready to stop the import process ducks if there is a demand from the government. During this time, the national duck imports no more than 10% of the national population of ducks.
"We have imported, but very little," said Thomas Effendi, President of Charoen Pokphand, Sunday (9/12), without revealing more detailed import volume. Thomas explains, over the years, Charoen ducks imported only for research.
Previously, KONTAN preaching, bird flu virus has been attacking ducks and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ducks in East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and West Java (KONTAN, December 8, 2012).
Compared with the chicken, over the years, breeding ducks still far behind. According to Sudirman, duck farming is usually carried out by small farmers. In its maintenance is also not too bothered biosecurity.

Ministry of Agriculture (Kemtan) notes, imported seeds ducks this year reached 33,463 head, up 38.9% compared to last year, as many as 24,090 birds. "The peking ducks imported, imported from countries that have been freely declare AI (bird flu)," said Director General of Livestock and Animal Health Ministry of Agriculture, Gratitude Iwantoro. In addition, Indonesia is only importing seeds ducks from Germany, Britain, France, and Malaysia.

Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Local Poultry Farmers (Himpuli), Ade Zulkarnean, say, over the years, imports of duck Indonesia is not too big. Of the approximately 53 million head of duck populations nationwide in 2011, only 10% coming from imports.

As with broilers, ducks imported by the company in the form of grand parent stock (GPS). Then it developed into a GPS import parent stock (PS) before a final stock. So far, Indonesia has imported ducks among others from Thailand and China. "Import duck done since the last 3-4 years," said Ade.

Import ducks do, because supply and demand imbalance. The emergence of a restaurant that serves duck duck imports trigger. Demand duck was up 15% every year. Ade pointed out, demand ducks in Greater Jakarta and East Java tail reach 700,000 - 900,000 individuals per month.

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