Monday, December 10, 2012

Indonesia: Riau 16,000 Hens in Karimun Regency Bird Flu

KARIMUN - More than 16 thousand laying hens in Desa Batu 8, Tanjung Batu Barat, Kabupaten Karimun, Provinsi Kepulauan Riau, destroyed as indicated by the bird flu virus. 

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As a result, farmers are losing hundreds of millions of dollars. Chief of Department of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Karimun District, Amran Sahidid, said the destruction by burning of more than 16 thousand laying hens caused a lot of chickens owned by residents who died suddenly and after apparently contracted the bird flu virus. 

Therefore, to avoid the transmission of a greater, whole chicken in the area burned. "" After all the chicken baked, cleaned feces, and buried, and his cage also sterilized so that no more virus in the area. sterile conditions will be left for a few days. After that, then people are allowed to raise again, "said Amran, Sunday (10/12).said, cases of bird flu virus found in Karimun a second time after the 2006 also found similar cases of more residents of 600 chickens. therefore, Amran asked residents, especially poultry, to be vigilant and always coordinate with livestock and security officers. Moreover, it also needs to be maintained on-site farm hygiene to inhibit the spread of the bird flu virus.  

For the current case, the local government has brought Tim Karimun Labolaturium Veterinary Disease Investigation Center (BPP-Vet) Bukit Tinggi to ensure all poultry and egg production of chickens, including manure, has been destroyed so no need to worry anymore the virus. Location farms had been isolated for a while to prevent the spread of bird flu virus.

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